oil with lavendar


Warm herbal massage oil is used to massage the body with long, calming strokes, which stimulates circulation and movement in the body. This massage aids the energy flow in the body and can help with headaches, strengthens skin, and quiets the nervous system. Pure bliss with frankincense, cedarwood, and sesame or sunflower oil. As your dedicated practitioner, I invite you to experience the ancient art of Abhyanga—a warm embrace of healing oils that transcends time.

For those who carry the weight of headaches, Abhyanga offers solace. The oil soothes temples, eases tension, and invites tranquility. In the quietude of Abhyanga, your nervous system finds its hushed sanctuary. The world’s noise fades, replaced by the symphony of your breath. Abhyanga is not just about the body; it’s about life force and boosting the immune system. Welcome to the sanctuary of Abhyanga—a love letter to your body, written in oil and whispered by ancient hands.

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